Teaming Opportunity – Financial Advisor

Opportunity Details:

  • Proven fee-based financial planner
  • Possible existing client leads from current books of business
  • Extremely well-respected within the Miami Community
  • Multiple connections to Miami community leaders
  • Advisor with multiple revenue sources
  • Balanced practice of insurance and investments
  • Opportunity to acquire a book of business together

Position Requirements:

  • Advisor with 8+ years of experience
  • Interested in expanding their business
  • Interested in becoming an experienced fee-based financial planner
  • Currently registered as an IAR with Series 7
  • Must be organized and proficient with prospecting and relationship building
  • Bi-Lingual (Spanish and English) preferred

Comp Structure Details:

  • Joint Work Splits

Income Expectation:

  • $65 – $100k

To apply for this job please visit