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After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Virginia, Martin embarked on a dynamic career journey as a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise in Boston. With swift advancement, he assumed leadership roles, culminating in managing the San Diego office at just 25. Martin, a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®), possesses a fervent dedication to guiding individuals through the complexities of retirement planning.

Now serving as the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Coastal Wealth, Martin is equipped with Series 7, 66, and 24 registrations with FINRA, along with a registered principal status with MML Investors Services, LLC. His approach to financial planning is grounded in a profound understanding of each client’s aspirations, crafting tailored strategies to foster wealth accumulation and preservation.

Recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, Martin’s philosophy revolves around providing creative solutions tailored to clients’ needs. With an unwavering commitment to transparency, service excellence, and fostering genuine relationships, he ensures that clients receive personalized attention and comprehensive financial guidance.

Beyond his achievements in finance, Martin has enjoyed a successful entertainment career, hosting celebrity athlete shows in Las Vegas and featuring in a Super Bowl commercial. Currently residing in Tampa, Florida with his wife Gema and daughter Eva, Martin brings a wealth of experience and passion to empower clients on their financial journey.

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Prodcts & Services

Cash Flow Management

Effective cash flow management is the cornerstone of financial success. Our tailored services empower you to optimize your cash flow, streamline expenses, and maximize revenue. Let us help you navigate the ebb and flow of finances with confidence and precision. Take control of your financial future today.

Risk Management

In today's dynamic landscape, effective risk management is non-negotiable. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, safeguarding your assets and ensuring business continuity. Partner with us to proactively manage risk and capitalize on opportunities with confidence and resilience.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is the roadmap to your financial goals. Our personalized approach considers your unique aspirations, risk tolerance, and timeline to create a tailored investment strategy. Let us guide you towards wealth accumulation, retirement readiness, and long-term financial success. Start planning your investment journey with us today.

Tax Planning Strategies

Tax planning is the key to maximizing your financial outcomes. Our expert strategies are crafted to minimize tax liabilities, optimize deductions, and maximize savings. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of tax laws and unlock opportunities for long-term financial growth. Take control of your tax destiny with our tailored solutions.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the cornerstone of financial security in your golden years. Our holistic approach takes into account your lifestyle goals, income needs, and risk tolerance to create a personalized retirement roadmap. Let us guide you towards a fulfilling and worry-free retirement. Start planning for your future today with our expert guidance.

Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are provided for after you're gone. Our customized approach helps you navigate complex estate laws and minimize tax implications, ensuring a smooth transfer of assets. Partner with us to protect your legacy and leave a lasting impact for generations to come.