Ryan Solle

Ryan Solle



Ryan began his career in the financial services industry focusing on personal finance and insurance planning promptly after graduating from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he played college soccer. Ryan was drafted in Major League Soccer and played 3 years of professional soccer before beginning his career with our firm in 2009. His experience in sports built a solid foundation for his career, fostering strategic thinking and focus on competitive strategy to drive the best possible results.

His passion for helping people at a relatively young age and the fulfillment of seeing a business and family achieve their financial goals led Ryan to join our Planning Solutions Group, a Division of Coastal Wealth, in 2015, a team of product and concept specialists whose sole purpose is to help advisors grow their practice by providing comprehensive financial planning services. The success Ryan had in this team along with his continued passion for helping others led Ryan to become the Director of Advanced Markets in 2020 and a valued team member of Coastal Wealth’s Private Client Group.

Over the years, Ryan has been instrumental in supporting our high-net-worth clients with comprehensive financial solutions, advanced estate planning and premium finance cases, complex underwriting, maximum retention capital strategies, with multiple insurance carriers and products. Ryan takes great pride in our client’s accomplishments and works with our team of specialists to deliver a well-executed financial plan, a well-established legacy and the confidence of providing as much certainty in the uncertainty of complex insurance planning solutions.