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Who We Serve

Achieving financial security and stability does not always simplify life. In fact, affluence generally increases the complexity of the decision-making process. The greater one’s wealth, the more time and knowledge must be invested in maintaining its growth, protection and ultimate distribution.

Attorneys, accountants, insurance brokers and financial planners can offer invaluable advice, but because most offer services independent of one another, it is often up to their clients to sift through the individual recommendations, evaluating each to determine which are the most appropriate.

We believe the ideal solution is a wealth management firm that can help define and achieve each client’s unique, long-term goals through a comprehensive holistic financial plan, an investment strategy designed to meet your needs, tax planning strategies, asset allocation, risk management, insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. Coastal Wealth helps provide that solution in an independent, objective and integrated fashion.

A single-source wealth management firm for:

  • Successful executives
  • Affluent individuals
  • Business owners
  • Medical doctors
  • Educators
  • Families and those in need of special care

We provide products and services to help address every aspect of clients’ financial lives.

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